Sunday, March 8, 2009

I heart NYC

Ahh... the pleasures of habituating and working below 14th street. One being the time I get to spend exploring my very own 1 mile radius of glorious weirdness. And I'm not talking about the sea of skinny jeans and ray bans that has become a contemporary subculture. But rather the cracks between the grime that can become someones simple pleasure. Street Art.

This lovely installation was spotted on my routine walk up Wooster Street to the highly anticipated Gourmet Garage for lunch. On this excursion there can often be an eyeful of awe-inspiring staples that coexist in this neighborhood: Bag Man (an old veteran of Canal Street whose wardrobe and accessories consists of only plastic bags), or the famed Bansky mural of the giant rat dressed in wall street apparel quoting "Let Them Eat Crack". However, this understated compilation of lockets is by far the finest addition to the block: 3 kids with bowl cuts interspersed with long locked little girls who appear slightly taken over. When I first noticed the grouping many thoughts raced through my head... What does this mean? Why is this here? What is the point? I soon realized that my questions may very well go unanswered and that it's okay. The hardware formation had already achieved its purpose by being one of the very few things to stop my new york hustle and make me think about something that very well may mean absolutely nothing. Genius.